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Our company is a wholesale container distributor focused on collecting, reconditioning and reselling industrial containers. We carry the traditional 55 gallon steel drums, poly drums, poly pails, tote bins and cubic yard boxes. Our aim is to help you safely and correctly transport hazardous materials.

B. Stephen Cooperage Inc. is committed to environmental protection, quality and occupational safety. Our activities help to minimize the impact of waste on the environment. Instead of discarding containers, we recondition them for reuse as an industrial container or, if necessary, recycle them for a new purpose in the secondary market.

Did you know?

Industrial and transport packaging reuse:

Reduces energy consumption. Reuse saves energy by reducing raw material acquisition requirements, limiting production of new packagings and eliminating much of the transportation-related impacts associated with each of these functions.

Reduces solid waste production. Solid wastes are generated during each phase of the production process, from the extraction of raw materials to the fabrication of new packagings. Most of these wastes are reduced or eliminated when industrial packagings are reused.

Reduces atmospheric and waterborne emissions. Atmospheric and waterborne wastes are generated as part of the production process. Significant portions of such wastes are eliminated by packaging reuse.

Mission Statement

We are committed to our customers’ success and to helping them achieve their goals. This is accomplished through the supply and management of reusable industrial packaging for customers with a focus on delivering maximum value, unsurpassed customer service and superior quality.


We’ve been at our facility in Ontario, California for over sixty years. We serve customers from San Diego to Northern California and everywhere in between.

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