The terms overpack drum and salvage drum are regularly used interchangeably. But, there is a difference between the two. Many of our customers ask for overpack drums when they actually need salvage drums.

Overpack Drums

By definition, an overpack drum is a drum used to make it easier to transport a smaller container or containers. In fact, an overpack doesn’t need to be a drum at all. A cardboard box that many containers fit inside is by definition an overpack. The shrink wrap used to hold together a pallet of drums is also, by definition, an overpack.

Overpack drums should not used to transport leaking containers. If you have a leaking, damaged or non-compliant container you’ll need to use a salvage drum to safely transport it.

Salvage Drums

A salvage drum is an overpack drum that has a u/n rating for transporting leaking, damaged or non-compliant containers . The ideal use for a salvage drum is for containing a leaking drum or drum that has potential to leak liquid material. We sell both steel and plastic salvage drums. When ordering a salvage drum make sure the material that is leaking or has potential to leak into the drum is compatible with the material of the salvage drum.

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